ADMIRALTY – JURISDICTION OF FEDERAL HIGH COURT – The jurisdiction relates to substantive actions and not ancillary issues of adjectival nature – N.V. SCHEEP V MV S. ARAZ 2000 82 LRCN 3131
ADMIRALTY MATTERS-JURISDICTION- Under the 1999 Constitution, the Federal High Court has exclusive Jurisdiction – ALRAINE SHIPPING NIG.LTD. V ENDURA AUTO CHEMICALS (2001) 12 N.W.L.R. Pt.728, p.759; BRAWAL SHIP LTD. V E & C.S (2001) 14 N.W.L.R. Pt.732, p. 172;

ARREST OF A SHIP-PRE-CONDITIONS- There must be an action in rem against the ship – M/V DA OWINGSHAM V P.A.C. LTD (1991) 8 N.W.L.R. Pt.209, p.354.

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